Mrs May- This election is not a foregone conclusion: A Socialist View. By George Fiddler, Year 12

As the June election draws ever closer, four weeks to be precise, one could be tricked into thinking that it’s a forgone conclusion; that the Tories under Kim Jong May and her “Supreme Leader” image will win an absolute Landslide, leaving Labour and The Liberal Democrats in the political abyss. But I’m not too sure and frankly easy about this analysis. Labour Can win this General election, but first we need to explore the situation as it stands, and what Labour needs to do to Win this Election.

It is widely regarded as fact that if you repeat a lie often enough, it can be taken as truth, and Lynton Crosby, the mastermind behind David Cameron’s 2015 victory at the polls and May’s campaign at this general election is using that analogy to great effect. “Strong and Stable” and “Coalition of Chaos” seem to be the taglines of this Election. But there is a flaw in May’s little red book of wisdoms- they are false. Firstly, May isn’t Strong nor Stable. As we have seen over the past few weeks with the negotiations with EU, the leaders are getting more dreadful and one could be inclined to think that May could not negotiate her way out of a wet paper bag. The leak by Jean Claude Junker proved this. The leader of the EU cited that May was “Living in cloud cuckoo land”. May has repeatedly provoked the EU and her top diplomats into near fury. Junker even claimed that “English is losing importance”, which frankly must have been a direct attack at those who voted for Brexit, and Mrs May herself. Also, if Mrs May and her conservatives were so Stable, why are we having an election in the first place? To me the answer is clear. The Tory Election fraud. Now, of course May stood outside 10 Downing Street last April contorting her face in the usual manner sprouted that this Election was “In the national interest”. I’m afraid it’s not. It doesn’t take a political scientist to see that what with the Tories having a 20 point lead in the polls over Labour, and the fact that up to 30 Conservative MP’s are on course to lose the seats they won in the 2015 General election because they broke the law, it’s easy to see that this election is all about creating a One party state, crushing all opposition, giving the Conservative party a free hand and protecting its legal status with the Electoral Commission. The coalition of Chaos argument is also wearing a little thin. Not only has the leader of the anti-democracy, not-so liberal Democrats Tim Farron said that he would not go into partnership with Labour, the Green party have also said the same. If the election doesn’t go as well as May wants it too, it will be an outright Labour victory, with no coalition from other parties that will “Prop up” Jeremy Corbyn.

The Labour party seem like they are finished; the proverbial political dodo, what with the biased Right Wing media and press, sprouting anti-Corbyn rhetoric and thoroughly deserving the name “Murdochs Mouthpiece” you could be forgiven to believing this stance, and voting Tory because Corbyn likes to make Jam, wears cloth caps and is a Marxist? But many people are seeing through this veil of propaganda. Even today of writing (10/05/17) the Conservatives have announced that they want to bring back fox hunting, and of course, destroy the NHS and burden the Education System with more cuts all while keeping Teachers pay at a cap of a 1% pay rise, but all the media is concerned is about how Corbyn will “Lose the Election”- The media win elections, not politicians and parties. If we look at every general election since 1979, The Sun has supported every winning party, and even ran the headline “It’s us wot’ won it” in 1997, after the New Labour landslide under Tony Blair. People are demanding change, and this can be seen in the millions of members that the Labour party has attracted under Jeremy Corbyn.

For the Labour party to succeed in the General Election and beyond, it must resist the urge to move back to the dark days of New Labour, and creeping back to the centre ground. Centrist politics ultimately always ends in failure. This can be seen in the story of Blair and all the “Moderate” parties across Europe masquerading as socialists; which of the exception of Emmanuel Macron’s “En Marche” party, they die an ultimate slow and painful demise. But the Labour party needs to stick to its roots, and keep hold of the Key socialist ideals that Kier Hardy injected into the Labour movement in the early 20th century; after all, the Labour party is a Democratic Socialist party. The clue is in the name Labour- for the worker. The divisions in the Labour party orchestrated by Blairite MP’s who wish to sabotage the “New Dawn” of Labour have affected its chances at the Election, not Corbyn. Labour need to get the message out to the masses and tell all that all is not well in Westminster, and that we have a Prime Minister hell bent on Destroying Public services, and using Brexit to turn the UK into a Tax haven, where the likes of Phillip Green and Aaron Banks can flourish in their Tax Dodging activities. Socialism under Jeremy Corbyn is the saviour that Britain needs.

In these weeks leading up to the General Election, Labour need to be as strong as ever in its core socialist beliefs, campaign hard and dirty; and pave the way for a Labour Victory on the 9th of June. This election is a fight between two parties, one for the few not the many, and one that is for the many not the few; Let’s go forward, and make June the end of May.


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