Apple, Android or Something Better? -By Conall Burke-Mackey, Year 10.

A new Iphone 7 plus, Apple’s flagship phone, would cost you anywhere between £719 and £1038 and that doesn’t even include a normal pair of headphones but it does have a telephoto camera. And I’m not saying that Android phones are cheaper! Samsung’s flagship phone the S8 can vary from £600 for the base model to £759 but that includes a headphone jack, a curved screen, dual sim and expandable storage. So which one should you go for?

Now, some might say that you cannot compare the two because one is a manufacturer whereas the other is a running system; that would be unfair because Apple only accounts for about 17% of the market. However, in my opinion, Android is the better option because it is cheaper. I am not the most careful person with a phones; I break them a lot. I also prefer the Android GUI. Furthermore, Apple’s technology isn’t the best but you pay a lot of money for it. My sister,however, prefers Apple because she thinks the running system is neater and it is easier to transfer between devices  when you upgrade.

Lots of people say that Apple have better cameras than other phone manufacturers but this isn’t true. The camera in the iphone 7+ (the fancy two lens one) was released on the Huawei P9 in 2015. This type of camera has also been put in the LG 6. But just because it has two lenses, this doesn’t make it the best camera as it is still only 12MP. The Elephone Rainbow 2, a £50 phone from China, has a 16mp selfie camera and a two lense camera!

Not much is said about the processor on the Apple phones. On the website, it says it is an A10 chip, which is not helpful at all. So I looked around for a bit and found out that it is a quad core 64bit processor clocked at  2.34ghz. The Elephone Rainbow 2, which I mentioned before, has an Octa core 64bit processor clocked at 2.4ghz which means it has 8 cores as opposed to the 4 in the iphone 7+. Also, not toolong ago, Xiaomi, another chinese phone company, said that in December they are releasing a 16 core phone with a processor clocked at 5ghz which is a processor that would put most gaming PCs to shame. Maybe we should look to alternatives, instead of going with the trend?

Some of you might be thinking, why does he keep on referring to this Chinese phone? Iphones aren’t made by Apple in California as some of you might think. They are made by a Taiwanese company called Foxconn who employ over 1.3 million people and are the 3rd largest tech company in the world after Samsung then Apple. Foxconn’s customers include Nintendo, Google, Apple, HP, Dell, Huawei and Sony to name but a few. At their Hon Hai precision engineering plant in China, the working conditions are so poor that in 2011, 7 workers attempted to take their own lives by jumping from the top of the building. So what did Foxconn do in response? They put up nets around the building so that if you jump you get caught and lose your job. Ethical?

So, is it worth buying an Apple or even a Samsung product? In my opinion, no. Not financially; not technologically and certainly not ethically.



2 thoughts on “Apple, Android or Something Better? -By Conall Burke-Mackey, Year 10.

  1. L.Margerison

    Excellent piece Conall.
    I have always stuck to Samsung phones since purchased my first many years ago but have always wondered if I was to try another make which should I try. I have definitely wondered if Apple were all they are said to be and now I believe currently it is more about individual preference and what you are used to. Many of us including me tend to stick to a brand we know and like.
    I would love you to look into which we should choose regarding ease of use, memory and price plus ethical/moral attitude towards their employees. My phone is tied in for another year but it would be great to know from someone who has no financial motive which to steer clear from ready for when I do change.
    I certainly was not aware of the working conditions Samsung workers have to suffer. This makes me want to try a different maker who treats their staff well.
    So if you fancy researching that it would be well worth a read for many of us.
    Thanks for taking your time to write this.


  2. S McCann

    I enjoyed reading your article Conall…it was snappy and to the point and gives an alternative view on mobiles/tech (but then again I’m pretty anti-Apple so you were always going to be on a winner with me!).


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