Zenos- The Fight Back

By Thomas Hayhurst 11F

Since its founding and start up in 2012, Zenos rapidly established itself as a creative and exciting addition to the lightweight British sports car industry. Founded by a group of former Caterham and Lotus engineers, their first car, the E10 was an interesting spin on the classic Caterham formula of lightweight front engined RWD cars, maintaining the sort of charm that Caterham’s still possess and have had for almost 60 years. However, in early 2017, the company went into administration- the reason was due to a string of cancelled orders from overseas markets, which was Zenos’ key market it needed to sell to in order to survive.

Despite that, there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel for this young new manufacturer. In March 2017, a consortium of backers, headed by Adam Lublinsky’s AC cars, a name in the automotive world known for making small affordable cars, and the base from which legendary American racer turned tuner Carroll Shelby built the iconic Cobra. This is excellent and exciting news. Zenos as car maker was a solid financial idea, but the cars were sometimes temperamental, and sometimes felt as though they had underinvested in. Hopefully, the new owners will reverse these issues

In my own opinion, I always thought that Zenos was a new manufacturer that would rise from the ranks of uninspiring manufacturers, and become the world conquering sports car manufacturer it truly deserved to be. When I heard the news that they had gone under, I was shocked and disappointed, because I truly believed they could do great things, but starting a new car manufacturer is now such a gamble in this day and age, that so many brilliant ideas and businesses never take off. However, when I heard that AC had bought Zenos, I was surprised and delighted, and I hope that this new relationship will be hugely fruitful for both parties now and in the future.



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