Baby Boomerblivion

Don’t think it’s just YOUR grandchildren that get on your nerves ever so often, as there are plenty of Baby Boomers out there who get gradually tired of the constant typing, swiping, ‘head buried in your device’ing. You may see it like it’s a problem, but in reality these electronic-crazed guinea pigs are ready to take the test of life, that you’ve decided for them.

I’m not too sure on why they’ve been dubbed ‘Generation Z’, but plenty have their theories. Some say they’re ‘Z’ because they’re last in the line of descendants, whereas some crazies have even gone to the extreme of saying that they’re the final generation before the end of what we know as the world. But can your grandsons and granddaughters handle this pressure? Are people giving them a chance to show what they really can do?

Well unfortunately, the cruel reality is that some people reading this article may not be here to see the day when their relatives “stop global warming”, or “end world peace”, (Don’t stop reading, it’s the truth), but that shouldn’t make you think that they won’t do. You see, when these young robots are slumped in the corner of the couch, believing “ummm dunno” to be a suitable response to anyone who tries to connect vocally with them, they actually have access to one of the fastest growing things on the planet. Now what you might be about to hear might scare you, I’m actually speaking about the “I word”. Yes, you guessed it: The Internet.

As evil and as dark as this may sound to some, to our new breed of young optimists this is a word completely familiar. The world is changing, and as scary as it may seem, Z have the ability to handle that change. It’s an era of technology of all kinds, 50 years no one would’ve even dreamt of having “Virtual Reality” headsets, or even pillows that track how you sleep. The general assumption was that by 2020 the world would have flying cars and spaceships, but I believe what we have instead may not be as cool, but definitely more useful. But hey if you have a thing flying cars and spaceships, I’d recommend watching Back to the Future – like you haven’t seen it anyway.

Let’s face it, this new era is closing upon us quicker than we know, so who better to handle it than the people who know so much about it? Often, we are too quick to judge the younger generation, but maybe that’s because we were too used to playing with dolls and toy cars at 8 years old, not your older brother’s new “PlayStation 4 with HDD and 1TB of data”.

So now it’s time to face the facts. We have to put our trust into this ‘Z’ generation, because we’ve made the decisions that will inevitably carve their futures. No-one knows the outcome of Brexit, but what we all know is that the people who will take the most effect from it will be our grandchildren.  No more modelling them on what we expect them to be, because the world has changed, and Generation Z know exactly what they’re doing with it.

Ben Sagar



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