The Huracan Peformante Spyder: A not so Distant Dream?

Ben Lawrenson (Year 7)

A Brief History of Lamborghini

Lamborghini – even saying its name out loud creates the impression of quality and excellence.  The company which is based in Sant’Agata Bolognese near Bologna, Northern Italy, is known for making the worlds fastest cars such as the Aventador and Huracan. It all started with a man called Feruccio Lamborghini who was infatuated by cars but made his living building tractors, so one day he decided to construct a car that would beat his arch-enemy: Enzo Ferrari, and eventually he did.

Will Lamborghini make a Huracan Peformante Spyder?

For starters, the staggering Huracan Performante is a wild beast of a machine with its 631HP V10 engine blasting out until it reaches its 202mph top speed limit. It’s a track focused version of the standard Huracan (which has less horse power) and also weighs 60g more which means the Performante can corner as quick as an F1 car. A version of the Gallardo, the predecessor of the Huracan, was made into a Gallardo Performante which was a convertible version of the already overpowered Superleggera. However, the convertible form does mean that it loses speed by 3mph leaving it at 199mph which is a downside.

I personally think that a Spyder* model will be made just because of the previous cars which have been produced and because of the prototype cars which have been continuously sighted. If finally produced, this would mean it will be rivaling cars such as the £750,000 Ferrari 458 Speciale Aperta.


The Performante Spyder* is certainly (in theory) going to be an incredible car and so we can only wait and see if they finally release it; let’s just hope they do!


*A Spyder version of a car is when it has a folding roof, or a convertible form. This can be expressed in many different ways such as: Spyder, Spider, Cabriolet, Roadster, Conv’t and Convertible.


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